Giving Back

A part of our work that we do not share very much concerns the dental mission trips we take. The Lord has been good to us and we want to help those who are less fortunate.

Since 2001, we have been taking annual trips to Ukraine to bring dental care, oral hygiene supplies, and food to orphans and poor children in the cities of Lviv, Uzhgorod, and neighboring villages. We were also able to go to Paraguay, South America to help children in the Che Roga orphanage.

We use these trips as an opportunity to give Bible lessons and make crafts with children and their parents. Most of the time, our daughter Sandy is our resource for this part of the work, but we also had help from pastor Alex Poplawski from the Christian Life Fellowship in South River, NJ and his family. He went with us on our trips to Ukraine and Paraguay. Rev. Wayne Briggs of Nehemiah Ministries, Middletown, NJ also joined us on our trip to Ukraine last year.

We are very grateful to the members of Emmanuel Baptist Church ( ) for their continuous and generous support throughout the years.

Thank you Dr. Nina Sakhnovskaya of Fonda, NY, Tom Reesbeck of TR-Dental

( ).

Through these efforts we have been able to accommodate dental needs, as well as material and spiritual needs, of children in several different places on the Earth.

Here are some pictures from our recent trips.

Currently we are working with Together for Ukraine non-profit humanitarian aid organization in assembling and equipping a mobile dental clinic that will be delivering much needed dental care to affected by war Eastern Ukrainian regions, as well as to remote rural areas of Ukraine.

We donated dental unit formerly used in our practice. Dental cabinets are on the way to Ukraine as well.

Thank you very much to TR Dental Supplies for providing dental materials for medical bile dental clinic in Ukraine.

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